Hello Kuwana!

My travels here in Japan just keep getting more delightful!  Right now I am in Kuwana doing private sessions and group sessions,  Of course that does not mean Yuka Reinheart and I cannot get a little time to bask in the spiritual nature here, which is what we did yesterday; visiting the Ese Shrine.  There is an inner and an outer Ese; the inner part is the oldest, the outer part was built to accommodate the growth of the activities up here.  It is hard to express just how beautiful, how peaceful, how deeply touched I am spiritually as I am honored to tour such wonderful places.  I will try to share some of the wonder of my temporary home through pictures.  Any last-minute people who wish to visit with Ashtar in Kuwana, please call Yoko Hiralion at 080-1563-3788.

Blessings of Universal love,