Hello Sapporo!

In the far northern Prefects of Japan is the delightful City of Sapporo.  For those who think Japan is Japan is Japan, this is one of those places that show how diverse this beautiful country is.   While Tokyo was steamy and hot, I arrived in Sapporo to blessedly rainy skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 50’s.  Thats 8-10 degrees Celsius.  The food that is featured here is different than what is being featured further south, even the cultural references are different than in Tokyo.  

One thing that doesn’t change, however, is the love I feel all around me.  I was given a warm welcome by my host Tengoku Ito.  Tengoku san whisked me from the airport to my lodgings.  The hotel must have known I was coming because the atrium was decorated with beautiful hanging lights and the Star of Ashtar!  The next day we got underway with 19  private sessions and a group session that was pure joy.  We even had people fly in to attend these sessions from as far away as the Philippines!  

Helping Ashtar and myself communicate with our guests is the delightful Midori Ohmae handling the translation.  Arigato Midori san, I truly appreciate what you do.  Midori is in one of the photos below, as is Tengoku san, and of course, food!  Delicious food served in the most charming manner possible.

So, here is my photo album for today from Sapporo.  Next stop will be the gentle countryside of Yamagata Ekimae and Atelier Gem Cafe with Ms. Teiko Sato.  See you soon!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂