Here we are again!

I apologize for the lack of postings the past few days.  We have been traveling.  Akron, Ohio to Chicago, Ill, then on to Haneda International airport in Tokyo.  It is certainly not the longest travel day I have ever had, but 22 hours from my bed in Ohio to my bed in Tokyo is long enough!

I really should talk to Ashtar about teaching me to teleport.  I wonder if he can get my luggage to teleport with me?  Would there be a weight limit?

On our first day back in Japan, my husband Brian and I had the day off to get our body clocks re-set.  We were delighted to find that just a short distance from our hotel is memorial park called Arisugawanomiya.  It is literally an oasis amidst the activity of central Tokyo.  As we strolled around taking-in the magnificent beauty we were even fortunate to be invited to speak to a Monk from the Shogun era who still calls the forested area home.  Ashtar served as my gatekeeper as the Monk shared his wisdom.  Brian got the conversation on video, so watch for that coming to this blog soon.