Well, my travels in Japan have taken me to Hiroshima for a few days, five days to be exact.  Today we visited one of the most heart-wrenching locations I have ever visited, the Hiroshima Peace Park.  Standing here at the memorial for those who died in 1945 as the result of the Atomic blast brings tears to my eyes.  This event is exactly what Ashtar is here to help us prevent; the destruction of lives and the needless impact on our home planet.  I do hope you will take a moment and realize we are all one, living on a small speck of rock.  Any harm we do others, we do to ourselves.  As Ashtar constantly reminds us, Love is the answer and Love is the cure.

Over the next few days I will be doing Remote Activations, private and group sessions in Hiroshima itself as well as on the magnificent island of Miyajima.  More pictures to follow as Ashtar and I do our part to spread Love all over this beautiful, unique planet.

On a lighter note; I just had to include a photo from the lobby of my hotel here in Hiroshima,  Have you ever seen a larger planting pot?

Blessings of Universal Love,