What is home to you?  This week Ashtar speaks on just this topic

So many definitions

The concept of home has so many definitions.  It could be your dwelling.  Perhaps what you are saying it is somewhere you feel fond memories or feelings of safety.  It could even be a person.  In some ways the concept is much like the word love.  Hard to define but you know it when you feel it.

Each week

Each week, in his Intentions, Ashtar offers us something to work on.  Often he gives us specific tasks or phrases with which to work.  This week it’s a little different.  Rather than defining the intention, your assignment is to define for yourself your intention.  I have been playing with this one the past couple of days and I find it delightfully challenging.  Maybe you will join me in realizing that this is one of the more flexible words with which we have to work.

Ashtar often reminds us that his work is not to tell you what to think, but to simply encourage you to think.  Sometimes I think this is the reason some people begin to study with Ashtar, then stop.  They would rather have the answers to life’s questions handed to them.  They seek enlightenment without effort.

Your investment

Regardless of why you are a friend of Ashtar, what you gain by traveling with him is the opportunity to invest in yourself.  All too often, as humans, we do not appreciate those things which are handed to us.   We want to get down and wrestle with the question; exert ourselves.  We don’t have to fight with a concept to embody it, we simply need to embody what He tells us.

In my heart I think Ashtar keeps telling us that the secret to a fulfilling life is Love.  But we hear him saying this and say, “It can’t be that simple!”  But I guess that’s just how we are wired.  We want to feel we have invested something to make  it ours.  This week is a perfect example to invest in yourself.  Define for yourself what you mean when you say, “home.”

Have a good time!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,