I almost see Mt Fuji

Right now I am in the charming little city of Fujinomiya, which, as the name suggests is right at the foot of Mount Fuji, one of the most revered symbols of Japan.  Mt. Fuji is often shy, not showing its beautiful self, and today was one of those days.  We (Yuka san, Chiharu san and Megumi san) enjoyed walking through the grounds of the Shrine dedicated to Fuji.  Some of those photos are below, enjoy.


I am working with the Chiharu Yamada at her salon Elpis.  Chiharu-san is not only one of my essential hostesses, she is also a student.  In Osaka she was one of the people who experienced the Ashtar Realignment Program.  It is so much fun working with people on different levels.


Ashtar and I will not be in Fujinomiya for long, Thursday we will be back in Tokyo and begin private sessions at Angeli.  There is another opportunity for you to experience the Ashtar Realignment Program for yourself while we are there.   If you are around, please come say hello.

Many blessings of Universal Love 

Terrie ?