I feel love in Fukui!

If you go almost directly west from Tokyo to the ocean and turn right you will find yourself in the vicinity of Fukui.  I just love that name….Fukui.  And there is plenty of love here, which was displayed as all our sessions filled.  Manami Simmons was my hostess and we had so much fun.  Even our dining out was a treat.

 Very shortly I will board a train to Osaka where Ashtar and I will be doing seven days of private sessions, a couple of workshops, and a group session.  If you have not already joined us for sessions on this fall tour, please don’t delay,  There are only two more stops after Osaka; two days in Yokohama (contact info@studio_Kara)  and four days in Tachikawa (contact Beloved-anra.com)..   I would love to see you before I head back home for the winter.  Even if you have already joined us, I would love to see you again. 

My photos tonight are of my loving hostesses here in Fukui; Manami Simmons, Madoka Taguchi and Sae Kotone, and some of the beautiful holiday decorations on display here in Fukui.  Enjoy!

Blessings of Universal Love

Terrie 🙂