I live among Angels

Yes, even I, who live every moment of my life with an Ascended Master speaking to and through me, get an illness now and then.  For the past two months my Doctors and I have been trying to get me free of an especially nasty bug, but yesterday in Sagamihara with Junko-San it looked like the bug might just win out for a while and cause a disruption of my fall Japan tour.  Not a good thing.  But as I say, I live among Angels.  One of my private sessions yesterday was with a Doctor.  At the end of the days sessions the Doctor and his wonderful wife insisted I go with them to their clinic, 40 miles away, opened the clinic late at night, gave me an x-ray, got the medications I would need to dismiss the bug, then drove me back to my hotel.  Americans don’t recall a time this type of thing would be possible, but I experienced it, I say “Thank you God” and thank you to my Angels who took me under their wings (literally) to help me recover.  After I confirm with them permission to mention their names I will post a more formal thank you, but for now, I simply want to say, “I live among Angels” and I am so grateful.  Please remember, you too have Angels in your life.  They may not have wings and halo’s, but they are around you right now.  Pay attention and you will recognize them.

Now, back to Tokyo for sessions with Studio Kara and two


more of my Angels; Yukari Kojima and Yuka Reinheart.