I touched God today

So what does a spiritual teacher do on her day off?  Why, visit spiritual sites, of course!  Yuka san, my interpreter, and Meguimi Kawai of Studio Kara and I took a road-trip to Tôdaiji Temple.  I am moved deeply by visits to both Shrines and Temples as you might imagine, but Todaiji has several other attractions; the first is its age.  This Temple dates back to 752 A.D.  Even though it experienced some damage during WW11, it remains a centrals Buddhistic research and ceremony site.   

Another attraction is the fifty foot high image of Buddha.  To say it is breath-taking is an understatement.

The third attraction is the free-roaming deer which the Temple considered to be as God.  Many Shinto Shrines revere deer, it is unusual for a Temple to have them.

When I say I touched God today I am referring to these deer.  I was delighted and amazed to find that some of them will even bow to the visitors!  I’m not kidding, I even have video!

One of the things I know is that God is all, but what a joy I found in experiencing God as a deer.  Wherever you are, what ever you are doing, allow yourself to see the presence of God in all things.

Next up on my spring tour of Japan; a three day excursion along a Japanese version of the Camino in Spain.  Yatah!

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂