I want love!

Ashtar and I hear our friends say it all the time; “I want love!”.  We spend so much of our time and energy looking around for love, many times unsuccessfully.

What’s the problem?

The problem is they are looking in all the wrong places.  Friends try to hook us up, well-meaning people arrange blind dates, we even invest in dating websites.  But no matter what we do either we don’t find that special someone or we quickly tire of those we find.  Why is that?

Look at where you are looking!

On-line dating worked for me.  Was it because I chose the right website?  Was it because I settled for whatever came along?  The answer on both counts is no.  First of all, love is all around us all the time.  It is the primary energy of the Universe.

If we are looking for someone to complete us, we will not find that on the web or in a bar, or even at a church social.  These are great examples of looking for love in all the wrong places.  The first place you have to look is within yourself.

Ashtar tells us this all the time

In the first video we shared from our Valentines Zoom session, Ashtar reminded us, as he has often, that the source of love must begin within ourselves.  We cannot give or receive what is not first within ourselves.  You see no one can bring it to us.   Another person can become a substitute or they can become an enhancer of what is inside.  They might even be a key that unlocks the door and lets it flow.  But first we must know love on the inside.

The Ashtar method

Take a few minutes to watch this video, especially if you are looking for love or want to enhance the love you have.  I think you will find it very interesting.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,