I will play

When you think of your Spiritual Practice, do you ever say, “I will play?”

Growth can be fun!

Here we are in August, can you believe that?  Ashtar and I had a good laugh when we told him this was August.  His response is the first thing on this weeks Intention video, watch for it.

That being said, we do sometimes make our growth too serious a thing.  We focus on consistency, going deeper, listening more carefully, but there must be a balance as well.  If we take our work too seriously it can become a drudge.  Where’s the fun in that!

The inner child

Our Inner Child still lives within us.  That’s the part that wants to stop and smell the roses, appreciate the sunset, have another dish of ice cream.  The inner child sometimes stops us in our tracks and says, “Now, I will play.”  Heaven help us if we squash that little one.  Our sanity depends upon the very things it brings into our lives.

Have you ever been walking in the rain and just jumped into puddle, or at least splashed it?  Inner Child.  What adult really wants to climb onto a roller coaster?  You may not actually climb into the car, but can you appreciate the fun others are having?  Inner Child.

The wonders of the world, spontaneous vacations, giggling uncontrollably; Inner Child.  They are part of us to help us remember life is supposed to be fun.

This month

Ashtar will be encouraging us to have fun this month.  I can’t wait to see what he gives us permission to do!  As for me, I think I will have a second dish of ice cream!

Have fun with your life and remember to say, “I will play.”

Many Blessings of  Universal Love,