I'm getting excited!

I am back in Osaka now and what I am getting excited about is the Ashtar Realignment Program.  We will be debuting the first level of this amazing and wide-ranging system to help you return to your full power this week.  Ashtar and I have been working on this program for months now.   He has me reading some esoteric material to help me understand what he will be talking about.  All I want to say about what I am learning is; this will change your life.

I am working with one of my favorite couples: Hiroaki and Kotaha Yao at their satellite studio in Osaka.  These are the same people I will be working with at their salon in Kunatachi during October.  Right across the street from their Hatsuga-Cafe, Osaka is one of my favorite restaurants too.  It is called Osteria.  Sharing photos of my food is something I love to do because here in Japan the food is always so fresh. Today we enjoyed a seafood-pasta dish that was simply delicious.  

The schedule calls for me to be in Osaka until the 16th of September, then we move on to  Nagoya.  Thanks for following my travels!

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂