I'm on the move again!

Konnichiwa!  For the past four days Dynavision has been hosting me in wonderful Fukuoka.  This stop on my Spring tour is so much fun!  My hotel is steps from the train station, I shop for groceries on the first floor, Ashtar and I work on the second floor and I sleep on the ninth floor!  All my commutes are vertical.  

We did get out once during these few days; to Ekou-in Temple.  This is one of Kukai’s temples, and you probably remember how being in the energy of Kukai energizes me.  He was the Grand Master who propagated Esoteric Buddhism in Japan.  If you read my biography, “The Lady Ashtar Story” you will get a mini-course about his fascinating life.  

The statue in this image was taken at Hakazaki-gu Shrine.  It is a statue of Kameyama Emperor.  Yes, Shrines are Shinto and Temples are Buddhist, I am happy you caught that, but in Japan it is not uncommon to find both Shrines and Temples side-by-side.  This example of honoring all faiths is one of the distinctive features of Japan I so deeply cherish.


Next stop will be the island of Okinawa where I will spend a couple days  with VOICE, my publisher in Japan.  We will be creating the follow-up book to my (and I say this humbly) best selling Ashtar book.  Then Mr. Tengoku Ito will be hosting us for four days of private sessions, a group session and an excursion as well.  I can’t wait to share those photos with you.  

For now, Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂