Inner Beauty

Inner Beauty is the first of the Ashtar Intention Series based upon his Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards, and I am very excited about it!

Learning to read cards

You may be an experienced card reader, or you may be a novice.  Either way Ashtar is here to support you.  For those new to card reading you may ask; why?  Why should I include Venusian Symbol Card reading in my spiritual practice?  Excellent question!

Venusian Symbol Cards are a wonderful addition to whatever spiritual practices you already have.  Let’s say your select a card from the Ashtar deck.  On the card are a Venusian mantra, a Venusian symbol and a keyword, such as Inner Beauty.  If you take this thought or mantra into meditation you will find your practice is even more focused.

If something is happening in your life which is beyond your understanding you can use the cards to do three card spreads, five card spreads, even more.  All this is described in the accompanying booklet.  Using the Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards can give you an understanding of what is going on, what lead to it, and where you are going.

Beginning with the cards

I do have a limited number of sets of the Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards ready to send out to you right now.  Even beginners can get started right away by following the instructions in the enclosed booklet.  If you are already reading cards, great!  You will find this deck will take you in directions you have never been.  Personally, I think the Mantras are worth using even if you never do a full spread.

We will be getting together, either live or on Zoom to work together with  these amazing cards.  In my store I even have an option to get your own set plus the training session for a discounted price. (This  training session will be in English only.)  Of course you can also simply buy your own set and get going right out of the box, so to speak.

This week’s Intention

As I mentioned, this week, and the entire month of May, our Intentions will be taken from these unique cards.  For the first week of May the Intention revolves around Inner Beauty.  Not only will the Intention help you, but seeing how Ashtar uses the cards may spark an awakening within you to expand your spiritual practices.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,