Intention for the week

I certainly hope you enjoyed the intention for the week.  This was the first of the Ashtar Intention series which will offer a new intention each week.

For the month of October Ashtar is offering an intention for the week about abundance.  All four intentions revolved around abundance and its components.  Ashtar always seems to amazing me.  He has identified four components to speak about.  I would like to tell you what they are, but that would ruin the fun of hearing him discuss them himself.

The Ashtar Live Session

In addition to the Intention Series I am happy to remind you that on October 30, 2022 we are returning to our live Ashtar sessions.  This month it will be held in my home in Fallbrook, CA.  From 6:00-9:00 that Sunday evening you can join us to learn about your Guides and Guardians.  Plus, as in the past, each participant will be able to ask Ashtar a question.  Any question.  This is one of the most popular segments of sessions with Ashtar.

After announcing this live session last week I had several requests to provide a Zoom link so that those who live too far away can still participate.  Your request has been answered!  In my store at you will find a sign-up for the Zoom session as well as the live session.  Live or on Zoom the price is the same; $50.00 per person.

Also on YouTube

And please remember, you can catch up with all the Intentions through my YouTube channel at any time.

So you can have a full month of Ashtar!  Each week with the Ashtar Intention for the week, and top it off with a Guides and Guardians session.  Life is good!

I hope you join us for one, or all, of the sessions.

Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie Symons, Lady Ashtar