Is Terrie alright?

My heart is filled with the many messages I have gotten about my safety. As many of you know, Japan just experienced it’s most powerful typhoon (typhoon Hagibis) over this past weekend. Here in Tokyo we had over 20 inches of rain in a day and a half an d the winds were in the 75 MPH range. As you might imagine, we all took cover and waited it out. When we awoke Sunday morning the skies were clear and sunny. However, many trains are not running, and certain areas of the countryside are experiencing floods and mudslides. It will take a few days (or longer for some areas), but life will return to normal very soon.
Ashtar and I want to thank you for your concern. Love is what makes my world revolve. Each and every message we received is a message of love, so thank you.
As this event was going on here in Japan, we have also been aware that the California has been experiencing fires, and that the first blizzard of the year has fallen in the central U.S. To everyone, anywhere, who is experiencing the effects of Mother Nature, our prayers of safety and comfort go out. We hope you find comfort from this short video we prepared with you in mind.
Many Blessings of Universal Love,
Terrie 🙂