It's a hit!

While it is only in Japanese right now, the latest Ashtar book of wisdom has climbed to the top of the Amazon charts here in Japan in only one week!  Ashtar’s book contains seven lessons for inner growth and was a huge hit at the Iyashi Fair this past weekend.  Rev Dr Terrie Symons autographed hundreds of copies between sessions during the fair, sometimes the lines were forty to fifty people long.  “My heart is full with the love of the Japanese audience”  says Dr. Dr. Terrie.  “In my wildest imagination I could not imagine such a warm reception for this work.”

Reverend Terrie has enjoyed a previous success with a book published during her first visits to Japan which sold almost 10,000 copies in Japan alone.

Will there be more books from Ascended Master Ashtar?  Will those books also be in english?  You can count on it!