It’s All About Love

You might expect the Ambassador of Love to talk about “It’s All About Love,” and you would be right! During our Valentines Zoom session Ashtar reminded us that we will not find love outside ourselves if we cannot first find it within us.  I hope you enjoy the video with this message.

We are the mirror

Imagine looking everywhere for that special love and not finding it.  What do you do then?  The first place to look is within!  We cannot offer other people what we do not have.  Ashtar often uses the analogy of money.  If he asks you for $10.00 you cannot give it to him unless you have $10.00.  The same goes for love.  How can we give others love if we do not already recognize love within ourselves.

Getting good with ourselves

Can you look in the mirror and tell yourself; “I love you?”  Yes, it might be uncomfortable at first, I know that very well but give it a try.  We are. not talking about narcissism here, we are speaking about the love that sees a creation of the Universe looking back at them.  Developing this recognition is like working on a muscle.  The more we work on that muscle the more developed it gets.  Before long you will not be seeing strangers all around you, you will be seeing love.


I have been very busy with my spring tour of Japan.  Right from the comfort of my office!  Now that we seem to have begun turning the corner with this pandemic I am even becoming optimistic about physically returning to Japan in 2022.  Please take care of yourself, be kind to others and know that Ashtar is available to you all the time.

I hope you are weathering this opportunity to find joy close to home, just as I am.

Many blessings of Universal Love,