It's almost time!

For the past three months I have been enjoying my cozy little home here in Southern California.  Brian and I have added in a trip to Albuquerque to meet some wonderful new friends, and took a brief holiday in Las Vegas to celebrate the second anniversary of our American wedding, but for the most part I have been waking up in the same bed every day for three months.  Now I am in full preparation mode to return to Japan, and I am so excited!  Those of you who have taken the first level of the Ashtar Realignment Program will have the opportunity to experience the second level and we have lots of outings, private sessions and group sessions planned too.  I am so excited to once again be walking streets covered with the pink buds of the cherry trees.  The Sakura are such a beautiful sight.

To my Southern California friends, we have three more sessions here in the area.  On March 19th you can join us in Carlsbad.  On the 22nd perhaps you would like to join us in Murrieta or maybe on the 23rd in Rancho Bernardo.  

This has been such a delightful winter season as Southern California was blessed with lots of rain and snow (some fell right on our beaches if you can believe it!)

In any case, I want to share with you a video from a session in Bonsall, California recently.  Ashtar wants to remind you that you DO make a difference just by being you.

Enjoy, and of course,

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂