It’s no accident

When we look at our lives it’s no accident how we came to be where we are.

How we came to be here

The journey of our life is the result of every thought, action, and relationship we have experienced.  And if we take this even deeper, every thought, action and relationship has been the the result of our thoughts.  There are no accidents here.  The choices we make are both the result of where we have been and the causative action for where we are going.

Making the most of our lives

If we are stumbling through our lives, reacting to what happens, the likelihood of experiencing the life we want, or envision, is unlikely to come to pass.  If, however, we take time to look at our lives honestly we can end the cycle of feeling lost.  This week in his Intention Blog Ashtar encourages us to Witness Life.  Honesty is perhaps the most important component of this witness.

As a follower of the teachings of Ashtar it is unlikely your life is out of control.  There may be aspects that are not what we would like, but we can change them if we honestly Witness our Lives.  Think of this as “fine tuning” your life.  It’s no accident we are experiencing what we are.

To live life consciously

This week’s intention, and in fact every intention Ashtar has provided us, are based on the idea that we control our experience.  If there is an aspect of life you wish to clean-up, this is a great week to begin living consciously.  Take time to witness especially that part of your life that is not what you want then make whatever changes you need.  Life: It’s no accident!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,