Japan sessions begin soon!

Ashtar and I are happy to announce our Japan sessions begin soon!  Of course it’s still to early for me to travel to Japan personally, which is a great sadness for me, but we will be doing our sessions virtually.

The dynamic world

This pandemic has been very difficult all the way around.  I send prayers for peace to those who have lost loved ones.  And to those who have suffered economic losses due to the disruption of our economies, all I can say is, we live in a dynamic world.  Things change all the time.  We find that the loss of one way of life often opens doors to a new opportunity.  That’s the way the Japan sessions have worked-out.  We have welcomed so many new people to our Ashtar family because they could join us virtually.

What Studio Kara will be offering

As our Japan sessions begin we can look forward to the return of the Ashtar Realignment Program, workshops, ASMP, group and private sessions as well.  For the beginning of Spring I will be working with the wonderful crew at Studio Kara.  All reservations for classes will go through them.  As the Spring unfolds we will be adding sessions, workshops and events with other promoters as well, so stay tuned.

Our spring tour begins March 30 and runs though May 31 with Studio Kara.

Subscription groups and ASMP Pro groups

We will continue to offer the subscription and advanced groups that have continued over the winter.  If you are one of the students in those groups, I look forward to seeing you soon!

My prayer

As vaccines become more available and conditions allow, I look forward to returning to Japan for our personal meetings.  I pray for your health, the health of your families and the resumption of our personal time together.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,