Japanese event 2023

Saturday April 15 was the first of my big Japanese events for 2023.

A New Earth Design

The name of this first Japanese event was “New Earth Design.”  Much of the discussion from the panelists revolved around a world without money.  What a fun concept!  Six other panelists took part in the event which was sponsored by Studio Kara and Voice Publishing.

I was proud to be invited to be part of this thought provoking Japanese event which drew people from all over the country to Congress Square, Nihonbashi in Tokyo.  I lost count, but I think there were maybe 175-200 guests in the hall to listen to the panelists’ views on a possible future.  Just in case you want to look them up, those pictured in the featured image on this post are (Left to Right) JoStar, Tenhi, Yoshinari Ichimura, Yuri Fukuke (MC) Terrie Symons, Tenguko Ito, and my host Yukari Kojima of Studio Kara. Michael Terrim participated via a video link. (I wish to apologize for mis-spelled names as I use a translation app.)

More to come

This was just the first day of work for this tour.  In fact I had been in-country for only about 48 hours when we took the stage.  The next day the highlight was a Tea Party with 40 people present and five VIP guests.  Coming up are another two days of VIP meetings in Ginza. Then it’s off to Osaka for more meetings and sessions.

Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards

I am honored that so many guests at the New Earth Design event purchased the new Ashtar Venusian Symbol Cards.  These are the same cards I will be bringing home when I return.  The text is in both Japanese and English so you will be able to get the full effect of what Ashtar has created without being multi-lingual.

Plans are coming together for a card reading program when I return to the US.  Even if you already read cards, these offer an opportunity to learn a new style and message than you may be familiar with.  As things come into focus I will be announcing the time and date for your involvement.

It’s not too late to pre-order your own Symbol Cards either!  Please go to my on-line store and reserve your set so I can bring home enough packages.  I am honored that pre-sales have been going very well.  You don’t have to be part of my Japanese events to be part of Ashtar’s teachings, we will bring it to you!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,