Jiyugaoka, and power

I sometimes laugh at myself as I continue to learn the names of the places I work.  Not that long ago Brian and I used to call this town “I name we can’t pronounce.”  Now it seems second nature to me.  That’s one of the things the students in Ashtar’s Realignment Program are learning about meditation too.  We are exploring such a wide variety of modalities that at first they seem foreign. Soon they are adapting the teachings to everyday life.  

I am here at Angeli with Ms. Mizue Shima having a fantastic visit.  I have added a few things to my collection of precious power stones, such as the Chakra bracelet I designed and this amazing Merkabah that came from the collection of the amazing Nashita san of Grand Rino in Tsurumi, Tokyo.  Life just keeps getting better because of the wonderful people in my life, including you.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.  Let’s all have pancakes~

Many blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂