Join us for an Ashtar Zoom!

A little while ago I invited you to join us for an Ashtar Zoom session but didn’t reveal the topic.  The time has come, dear friends, to fill in the details.

Ashtar’s Twelve steps of Ascension

Yes, one of the most popular meditations Ashtar does, the Twelve Steps of Ascension will be the focus of our August 29th zoom session.

This will be a three hour session with a message from Ashtar, the meditation and questions too.  As usual, no question topics are out of bounds, which makes for a great evening with Ashtar.  The meditation is spectacular, if I say so myself, and there is something else in the offing as well.

Your special gift

Anyone who signs up to join us for this very, very, very special live zoom session will also receive access to a full video of the Twelve Steps of Ascension video that we recorded on the island of Kauai during our recent vacation in the islands.

Taped in the middle of one of the rainforests of Kauai, the scenery is breathtaking.  This is a video you will want to preserve for viewing time and again.

Join us for an Ashtar Zoom!

How do you register?

Right now, at you will find our store.  Just make your way to the store and click on “Ascend with Ashtar.”  For only $60.00 you get to enjoy an evening with the Ascended Master, the Ambassador of Love, Ashtar, plus you get access to this fantastic video.  During the Zoom session Ashtar will do his Twelve Steps of Ascension live, give a message and answer your questions.

Please join us!

I know you will enjoy every moment of this experience.  Please come join us for an Ashtar Zoom and supercharge your own ascension.  Set your calendars for August 29th from 6:00 to 9:00pm PDT.  Come and join us, Ashtar and I look forward to seeing you there.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,