Knowledge is all the stuff you have learned through your years, facts, figures, dates and the like.

Not the same

What we are talking about here is not the same thing as wisdom.  Ashtar has done an intention on wisdom recently which you can view on You Tube if you missed it.  But to put it simply,  knowledge is having information, wisdom is knowing when to share it.

The past week or so Brian and I have been traveling through areas in Greece and Turkey we recognize as the birthplaces of modern civilization.  We have seen countless examples of things people knew how to build.  Great cities with everything we would find in our modern life except electricity.  Indoor plumbing, magnificent structures and transportation.  In most cases what remains today are simply ruins.  What was lacking was not determination or know-how but, the Wisdom to know not to build these cities in areas prone to landslides and floods.

That being said….

To learn is one of our most important traits.  Imagine attempting to navigate our modern world with only what we learned in school up to, say, the third grade.  That would not be an easy experience, would it!  Many of us make it a practice to look for a new piece of learning everyday.  This adds to our ability to grow.  Learning separates us from animals who rely primarily upon instinct to survive.

Ironically, relying upon what we have learned, knowledge, to get to this point in our lives is simply the beginning.  No matter how much we have absorbed, there is always so much more to learn.  Knowing this is wisdom.

The balance

Everything in our lives consists of duality.  Without the opposite experience we are incomplete.  Night and Day, hot and cold, up and down, love and indifference.  All these are examples of the duality of our lives.  The wisdom we have is enhanced by the knowledge behind it.

Take a listen to this week’s intention from Ashtar for a deeper look.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,