Kuwana and Typhoons

Oh my goodness!  Kuwana has been such a delightful experience for me, and I hope a delightful experience for those who came to visit with Ashtar in our private sessions and group sessions as well.  This stop began with a rare free-day where I got to visit Ise Shrine and meet some wonderful healers as well.  On top of that was the pleasure of working with my hostess Yuko Hilarion (see who is petit and mighty), and my interpreter Yuka Okawa Rinehart.  Yuka extended her stay in Japan just to help me, and my gratitude is boundless, thank you Yuka!  As we wrap-up this stop on my fall tour we are expecting another Typhoon to sweep across the country, so my prayers are for the safety of all the people of Japan.

 My photos today are of Yuko-san and Yuka-san who were good enough to endure the earliest rains of this latest weather event, and one of me outside our beautiful salon.  Now it is on to Fukuoka.  

Blessings of Universal Love