Learn the lesson

Don’t bring the past into the Spring, learn the lesson and move on.

Ah yes, Spring is here

As Spring comes into full bloom we are invited to expand in so many ways.  Perhaps love is on the way, or in full bloom.  We may be discovering things about ourselves we had forgotten.  Certainly if you have been following Ashtar’s Intentions this year there is a whole new world opening right before your eyes.

One thing we certainly don’t need to bring into our future is pain from the past.  This month Ashtar begins a new series of intentions.  So far this year he has talked about Self Love, Random Acts of Kindness and Rebirth.  As we enter April Ashtar will be speaking on Forgiveness.  Ah, forgiveness.  A word easily spoken but an activity not always easily accomplished.

Learning the lesson

Everything we do brings with it a memory.  Every person we encounter carries and emotion.  Sometimes the memory or emotion is positive, sometimes not so positive and sometimes it is simply a memory.  When those not so positive feelings come forward into our new lives they can disrupt our happiness.  What Ashtar is speaking of is, learn the lesson in the experience, but bring forgiveness into our hearts.  See what The Ambassador of Love has to say this week in the attached video.

Review Ashtar’s Intentions

This is our seventh month of weekly intentions.  There are currently 27 intentions which you can view on my YouTube channel, Terrie Symons/Lady Ashtar.  If you have not been able to view any of the weekly intentions I invite you to catch up on the wisdom Ashtar is offering.  It’s a great way to Learn the Lesson.  And while you are on YouTube, consider becoming a subscriber to my channel so you are the first to see our latest videos.

Many Blessing of Universal Love,