Learn to Channel

For years now people have been asking me to help them learn to Channel.  The problem is that what I do is a very specific process.  I wish there were a five step class where I could teach you to be a Trance Channel, but there isn’t.  The good news is you don’t have to do what I do to be Channeling!

The tools you have

All of us have had the experience of Clairvoyance;  we just know things even if we do not have specific training in that area.  Another example is that many of us are called “Empaths.”  That means we actually feel what another person is feeling.  Both of these are examples of being a Channel to the Universe.  What I am saying is, you don’t have to learn to Channel, you simply must become aware of the messages you are receiving!

Ashtar sets it out for us

During our February Zoom session Ashtar was asked how we could learn to channel.  To get clarification we sat down with Him and got his specific answers to the question, “How do I learn to channel?”  His answers are contained in the amazing video at the bottom of this post. It details eight specific methods of channeling.  You will discover you are using many of these techniques already.

Eight Clair Senses

Ashtar shares with us eight kinds of Universal communication.  Everything from Clairtangency to Clairaudience.  Did you know there were eight ways the Universe guides us through our own senses?  Pretty amazing, I think!

Something to share and study

This video is a masters course in how to learn to channel.  Get out a pad of paper, gather your friends and prepare to be amazed at just how many ways you are channeling now!  Enjoy.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,