Living in harmony

Living in harmony with your family is sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy.  What makes the difference?

The difference is you!

Living in harmony with your family is a personal choice.  I recently heard of a Thanksgiving exchange between brother and sister.  The visiting sister arrived for the afternoon complaining and kept complaining throughout the day.  The brother had a choice; respond to his sister’s complaints or go about his day in peace.  It was not an easy decision.  Some of his sisters words were hurtful.  His decision to ignore her complaints was, in itself, living in harmony with his family.  To respond would have fueled the discord.

Underlying issues

We all have personal issues.  That’s just a fact.  How we deal with those issues is a decision.  In this case the mother of the siblings is experiencing life threatening issues.  The brother was dealing with them one way, living in harmony, while his sister was dealing with them another way, by finding fault with others.  I guess you might consider what she was doing as mis-directing her feelings of helplessness about their mothers condition.  We never know what is on the heart of another person.

In this Intention Series with Ashtar

Ashtar’s Intention Series continues with a discussion of harmony in the family.  He points out that our family is our connection to this place we live; Earth.  There are so many opportunities to live and learn as we spend our time on this beautiful planet.  Like the brother’s opportunity to recognize his sister’s pain and frustration.  Family is something we usually don’t get to choose.  We are born into a family.  How we choose to relate to that family is our decision.  Will you be the one who brings an onslaught of complaints?  Or will you be the one who chooses living in harmony with your family.  Personal growth doesn’t always come easily, but once you set your intention to live in harmony life will get so much more enjoyable.  Enjoy Ashtar’s talk!  We will be back in December with another series of Intentions.

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