Living in Understanding

Living in Understanding is one of the first Spiritual Principles Ashtar has chosen to speak about.

Understanding or Empathy

It doesn’t matter if you want to call it understanding or empathy, what it comes down to is the same.  There are billions of people living on our planet.  Even within the same family, people see the same things differently.  If you take a moment and think about the people who raised you. You will notice how they differ in their thoughts from you. I think you will grasp this concept.

The same teaching applied by one person whose path took them one way while your path took you another. Their perception will be different.  There is no way around it.  However, if you live in “understanding” both people can appreciate where the other is coming from.

Spiritual Principles

Ashtar has embarked upon a path of highlighting Spiritual Principles.  Of course, He has been teaching them all along.  Now he wants to really focus on the principles behind all these years of teaching.   So many of Sananda’s teachings were couched in metaphor.  In fact he is said to have spoken in metaphors most of the time.

The reason for this was to allow those whose spiritual path had taken them beyond the teachings of his day to see the world in a fresh way.  Everything he taught had been known for centuries. By creating stories around the teachings he gave people the opportunity to arrive at a deeper understanding.  You may be fully aware that.  Living in compassion is important, but have you looked around all the corners of compassion?  Being Understanding is a pretty simple concept but how about expanding your awareness?

Part of the Ashtar family

As part of the Ashtar family, you are called upon to continually expand your understanding of yourself, and others.  Ashtar and I are so happy you are choosing to spend some of your time with us.  You are indeed part of our family, and we love you.

Keep living in Understanding.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,