Living with Harmony

Living with Harmony doesn’t mean finding a partner named Harmony.  It means finding within ourselves the resonant chord.

The resonant chord

So what do I mean by saying finding the resonant chord within us?  I mean we are all of the same source.  Ashtar speaks often of how we are all connected.  Every conscious being is connected.  We are also connected to the earth, sky and water as well as all  that comes from these.

Because this is true, when you or I are out of balance we overlook this connection.  In this week’s video Ashtar will use the metaphor of an orchestra.  Sixty or seventy instruments may be playing perfectly at any given time.  However, if one clarinet or violin is out of tune or off beat, the entire sound is disrupted.  The resonant chord is the sound that works in concert with every other element. This element is not limited to music, it includes our lives.

Being unique

Finding our resonant chord does not mean you must be like every other person.  You are here because what you bring to this planet is essential.  Be the wonderful, individual you are, by all means.  I encourage you to be that individual.  Be unique, and at the same time know your wonderful uniqueness is more powerful, more meaningful when it is cognizant of all the other unique individuals.

So much of the strife in our world is due to one group saying, “You don’t see things the way I do.”  This puts them in direct opposition with those who see things differently.  The thing is, we are not created to see everything exactly alike.  It is precisely our uniqueness which makes this the wonderful planet it is.  If that orchestra we spoke of consisted only of tubas, it wouldn’t be an orchestra.

Living with Harmony

As we go about our daily lives being our wonderful unique selves we are best served as we live harmoniously with all the other unique selves.  Honor our differences and avoid insisting others see things the same way we see them.  We do not know the path others are on, but it is perfect for them.

One of Ashtar’s phrases that comes to mind is this; “No matter how bright the light is, it is incomplete without you.”  This is true for you, for me and for every being in the Universe.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,