Love abounds in Kunitachi

For the past few days Ashtar has been helping people from



the beautiful City of Kunitachi.  Hatsuga Cafe has been home for a Starseed group and luncheon, and a whole bunch of private sessions.  We want to thank our hosts, Hiroaki and Kotoha Yao for being so loving and supportive during our stay, including having us to tea and a sneak preview of their new salon.  Junko Yamada handled the translating duties so well, thank you!

Today is one of those rare things, a day off; a day to take care of personal items.  We are now in Gotanda as our base for a few days and Brian and I are so grateful for all the help we receive along the way with our travels.  The Japanese people are truly a loving and helpful people. 

When I say day off I mean Ashtar is still available to the world for telephone sessions, in fact I did two this morning before completing my preparations for the rest of the day.

Oh, and the Cherry Blossoms!  This is Cherry Blossom season and Tokyo is alight with their beauty.