Love for Family

I have so much love for my family, and you are all my family.  Simply put this means I have love for you.

What is family

Family is a collection of hearts.  Some hearts have been met, others are on the way.   Family has less to do with our biological connections and more to do with our heart connections.  I meet many people who tell me they don’t feel as connected to the group into which they were born as to those who they have found on their journey.  Please know, both can be your family.  In fact, everyone can be your family.  All you need do is have love for family.

The family of man

I suppose in these days of political correctness the phrase “family of man” might be updated to “Family of People.” The problem with this is that for many of us, those to whom we feel most connected are not people at all.  They represent all sentient beings.  I even know some people for whom their garden is their family.  There is no point in debating what constitutes family, as long as love is the central focus.

The Ashtar Family

If you have had the pleasure of sitting with Ashtar, either on-line or in-person, you know most of those drawn to him have experienced many lifetimes as his family.  We have crossed paths with Ashtar and his teachings in so many guises.  One of our most popular requests if for Ashtar to tell us of one of our previous lifetimes.  As the Ambassador of Love Ashtar has a deep love for family; those who have recalled his influence and those who still await that reminder.

The trying months

November and December can be especially difficult to remember our Love for Family.  One of the reasons for this is that our biological families tend to relate to us as though we were still five, or twelve, or some other age.  We have all grown over the years.  When someone tries to keep us in a box of love, not allowing for that growth, tensions can rise.  So during these trying months remembering our Love for Family calls us to rise above these quarrels and go straight to Love.  No matter what is going on around us.

November Intentions

For November Ashtar will be focusing upon the family.  No matter what form your family takes we hope you will enjoy these Intentions and take them to heart.  Just click the link below and enjoy!

Many Blessing of Universal Love,