Love those animals

I love those animals!  Some of them don’t like me so much, but I love them anyway.

February 19, 2023

As we enter the third week of February 2023 Ashtar continues his Intention Series based upon Random Acts of Kindness. Watch the short video below to hear what Ashtar has to say.  This week we turn our attention to animals.  Have you ever considered that when you show kindness to an animal it can be considered a Random Act of Kindness?  I don’t honestly think I did until Ashtar brought it up.

Sure, it’s easy to pet the family dog, or scratch the ears of the family cat, but what about the whole world of animals with whom we share this beautiful planet?  We have an amazing connection with the animal kingdom.  Because animals communicate with us in large part by vibrations we have the opportunity to be kind without saying a word.

The many ways to love those animals

Setting up a bird feeder and water fountain in your yard, as I have, may not be possible for you, but you can still show kindness.  When you see an animal, any kind of animal, you can call upon your love energy and send that love to them.  They will feel it, rest assured.  We don’t have a dog because of my traveling, but we sure do share love with the neighbors dog!  The cats that roam our yard, we can let them feel safe as we love them through the windows.  One of the most amazing places to visit is a well run zoo.  Rather than simply staring at the animals, love those animals by sending them your vibrations of love.

Some are easier than others

Some animals are easier to love than others.  A skunk in particular is problematic.  The Raccoon isn’t prone to be scratched behind the ears.  A Possum probably won’t even know you are around, but love those animals anyway.  Each creature on our planet has its place.  Do whatever you can to preserve open space.  Removing litter from a habitat can be just as much a Random Act of Kindness as offering a treat.  Think about the niche each animal fills and appreciate them for being the perfect them.  Every act of kindness to an animal is a kindness to yourself.

The February Ashtar Zoom

I also want to thank all the people who joined Ashtar and myself during the February Flash Zoom session.  We had people from California, Washington, Mexico and Japan.  What a treat it is to meet with you however we can arrange it.  We will have another Zoom session in March so stay tuned for the details.  I truly hope you will join us soon.

In the meantime, enjoy this video of Ashtar speaking about Kindness to Animals.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,