Make your week

What can make your week perfect?  How about discovering that all you want is already at your fingertips.

Allowing it in

I know, it’s easy to think things are not going your way.  Sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is set against us.  Looking at this written-out you probably realize this is simply not the truth, but it feels that way sometimes, doesn’t it?

In reality, the Universe is constantly striving to provide you everything you wish for.  I mean that!  Where we go off the track is not recognizing how much effortlessly comes into our lives.  And maybe that’s the problem:  it’s effortless.  Somewhere inside we think that if I don’t “work hard” to gain or experience something, it does not have value.  Isn’t that a shame?  The gifts the Universe constantly supplies are most often achieved by simply allowing them in.

The next step

But just allowing those gifts in is only the first step.  To complete the cycle it is up to us to recognize the gifts and be grateful for them.  When my husband and I pray during the day we often give thanks for the gifts we recognize and the gifts that remain hidden to our eyes.

Please remember, whereas we humans tend to look at things from a finite perspective, the Universe is infinite in its ways to deliver our good.  When we finally get around to noticing a particular gift has been delivered–and even better than we had imagined, well, that can make our week.

The month of good

This month Ashtar’s intentions focus on good.  With this weeks intention, “This week is going to be grand” we are given the opportunity to set our gift receiving sensors on high.  Going into the week we are primed to be aware of just how much we are provided.  Want to make your week something spectacular?  Simply know all the abundance, prosperity and success you seek is being delivered to you every moment.

Allow the Universe to make your week!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,