Your life is a manifestation of your desires.  The question is, have you reviewed your desires?

The creative force

As a powerful manifester, have you reviewed what it is you are putting into consciousness to be manifested?  U-turns are completely allowed, you know.  Creative Force does not penalize us if we find we have been walking our path unconsciously then realize things could be better.  There is no penalty at all!

Our Spiritual Path is one of discovery.  If we think we do not have the capacity to do something, then suddenly discover we can do it, that is discovery!  The Universe does not hold it against us when we make these discoveries, it rejoices.

How does it get better than this?

Prayer is an essential part of Brian and my lives.  We know gratitude for what we have and what we can have, makes manifestation even easier.  You may have been with us at mealtime when our prayers are ended with the words, “How does it get better than this?”  No matter how much joy, peace, harmony and love are in your life, there can always be more.  That’s the reason we say, “How does it get better than this?”  We open ourselves to this and more.

This week, in his video Intention, Ashtar equates this expansion to a garden.  When we tend our garden (what we manifest) it grows and flourishes in the most remarkable and wonderful ways.  A word of caution here, please don’t bother directing the Universe.  It already knows how to make it better!


Saturday, September 23 will be the first day of Autumn.  For so many of us this has been a long, hot summer.  Even in the midst of record setting temperatures it would have been perfectly permissible to invite the Universe to make it better than this.  The temperature may not change, but certainly our attitude toward the heat can.  This is some wonderful stuff to remember when things get difficult.  Your life and your experiences are what you create.  How do you want your life to show up?

Many Blessings of Universal Love,