To mask or to unmask

One of the biggest questions facing us today is to mask or to unmask.  Can we safely dine at our favorite restaurants or should we continue to stay home?  Like so many people I watch the news, listen to the radio and scan Social Media for clarity.  What I end up being is more confused!

The safest path

To tell the truth I have begun to test the waters of post-Covid-19.  Last week Brian and I joined a dear and trusted friend for lunch at a favorite eatery.  It felt kind of silly and scary at the same time.  We had to wear masks to enter the restaurant, but could unmask to dine.  Then, after lunch, we had to re-mask to walk the thirty feet from our table to the front door.  I completely understand why so many people are unclear as to what is the safest path.

What’s in the future?

I am grateful that my work with Ashtar has allowed me to continue doing what I love to do even through this past 15 months.  So many have not had that option.  As our situation evolves we have even booked a vacation for late summer.  We have done so with caution.  I think the most important things to consider, today and in the future, is to be considerate of others.  Even though I am double vaccinated, I will continue to wear my mask.  Not just for my own health, but for the health of those around me.  My years in Japan have made me very comfortable wearing a mask in public.  I envision keeping my mask on-hand for those times I have a sniffle or a tickle in my throat, just as I do overseas.  The question isn’t to mask or to unmask, it is being a responsible citizen of this planet.  I don’t wear a mask simply for my own protection, but for the protection of others too.

Politics aside

From my perspective one of the saddest effects of the pandemic has been making wearing a mask or not a political statement.  Covid-19 doesn’t care what your politics are.  It is a very democratic health issue.  This year without the regular “flu season” has made it clear to me that a mask is more than an empty gesture.  It is an effective deterrent to spreading disease all the time.

What Ashtar has to say

Ashtar spent some time with us to do this video about our next steps as we climb out of this era of contagion.  I invite you to invest a few minutes to see what advice he has for us all.  In the next video Ashtar will be speaking about the lingering fears that we have developed about being in public, so watch for that soon.

In the meantime,

I have begun doing limited in-person Ashtar sessions at my home (with appropriate precautions, of course) in addition to my telephone and on-line sessions.  If you are interested, please let me know.  We even have our first small group in-person session scheduled for July.  As Ashtar says in the video, “It is coming to a quiet end.  But it’s not over yet.”


Stay well, stay healthy and stay safe and as always,

Many Blessings of Universal Love,