Messages of Universal Love

It is the beginning of February which means it’s time for  Messages of Universal Love with Ashtar Session!

An annual event

Each year around Valentine’s Day we host an Ashtar session.  Most commonly this session revolves around Love, and this year is no exception.  On February 14 from 6-9PM Ashtar would like to meet with you to discuss Love.  This year the name Ashtar has selected for our session is: Message of Universal Love with Ashtar.”  Of course Love is not the only topic.  Ashtar is always ready, willing and able to discuss anything with you.

Love is the energy of the Universe, however we often get romantic love mixed up with the greater Love.  The greater Love is what supports us, inspires us.  Without this energy we would not even be here.  Of course romantic love is wonderful too!

Attending this Flash event

You can choose to join Ashtar either in-person here in Fallbrook or you can join us via a Zoom Link.  In-person or on-line each ticket is only $50.00.  Joining us in person has a capacity of six guest but on-line, like the Universe, is unlimited.  To get your tickets just visit my web store at  Select the “Valentine 2024 Flash session” image and follow the prompts to lock-in your spot. There will be two options; in person and on-line.

Guides, guardians and messages of love

Discover who your guides and guardians are at this moment.  Learn how to expand your awareness and capacity for Love.  Delve deeper into how Love supports you in all you do.  Everything is “on the table” during this session so come with an open heart and open mind to get the full benefit of the experience.

Of course, every participant will have the opportunity to ask a question too.  Any question at all.  Want to know more about your life?  Perfect.  Have questions concerning your next step in ascension?  Ask away.  Does the Universe have a message specifically for you?  This is the time to ask.

Love is all there is

No matter where you look, no matter what you do, Love is all there is.  Come, renew your relationship with Love at the 2024 Messages of Universal Love with Ashtar session.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,