Mother Earth

We call it “Mother Earth” for good reason.  She is not only our home but our sustenance as well.

Week 4, February 2023

I think by now we all know that where we give our intentions will grow.  This includes this beautiful planet we call home.  This week Ashtar’s Intention revolves around Mother Earth, our home, our life, our future and our past.  And, because February is about Random Acts of Kindness can you think of anyplace more deserving than Earth?

Ashtar speaks of Earth as the most beautiful of all the planets.  This is quite a recognition given that there are unknowable billions of planets.  We take her for granted too often.  This is a great time to stop.  Think about what we have here.  Consider how robust yet fragile she is.  Reflect upon our relationship with her.

Of all the opportunities we have

The reason old sayings become old sayings is that they are true.  Here’s another old saying the applies to Mother Earth: Be the change you want to see.  This means we cannot sit around and wait for the Corporations or the Governments to make a change in how we view our Mother.  Every worthwhile change in the history of Earth has come about because we, the people, have insisted.

Politicians are followers.  They will only step forward when the groundswell of demand arises from the voters.  Corporations only change the way they behave when we, the consumers, make it clear we will no longer tolerate abuse of our atmosphere.  Many of us are old enough to remember when we fretted over our rivers, lakes and streams.  They were becoming barren wastelands because we were using them as open sewers.

It was not the Governments who changed the status quo, we insisted upon it.  The Corporations saw no reason to install scrubbers on smoke stacks; the people demanded it.

Be the change

It’s true, writing letters, protesting and marching does get the attention of Governments and Corporations.  Yet the most effective and long lasting changes begin with each individual.  That my friends is you and me.  Do a Random Act of Kindness for our Mother Earth.  Pick up some trash.  Pray for the Universe to help us see our responsibilities.  Go hiking, pick up litter, appreciate the night sky.  These small act of kindnesses will pay dividends because it is we who are the change.

Watch the video below and hear what Ashtar has to say about Random Acts of Kindness for Mother Earth.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,