My prayers go out

It is very difficult for me to keep my mind on work when so many of those who live near my home in Southern California are fleeing before the wind-driven wildfires.  The truth is, Ashtar does most of the work.  My personal concerns for those in the Fallbrook, Bonsall and Oceanside areas are not taking away from his messages to those who have been visiting us in Osaka.  

I have been blessed with many calls from friends who want to make certain I am safe.  I am happy to report that our home has been spared threat.  Several Ashtar fans and organizers have not been so fortunate.  This is why I resort to the most powerful action I know; prayer.  My prayer is that everyone who has been effected by these fires will find the grace of God in every event. That you will remain safe, and whatever burdens fall on your heart will be eased through your faith.

Please know Ashtar and I are with you.  


Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂