Next up, Yokohama!

I can hardly believe that my time in Tachikawa is over so soon.  Beloved Salon has been such a wonderful host to Ashtar and myself.  And my interpreter Yuka Onda, who is so much more than my interpreter, she is my dear friend has done her usual amazing job of serving as my Japanese voice.  Thank you all.  While moving around town I found these fanciful street decorations; a lamp post disguised as a fanciful figure, and serpent chair.  You might notice I have switched from my fall clothes to a more serious winter coat. Yes, just like home the temperatures are beginning to drop here in Japan.

Next up, Tsurumi.  I will be hosted by the delightful Tomokiyo Nashida-san of Grand Rino stones, crystals jewelry and so very much more.  It was Mr Nashida who stood as my father when Brian and I had our Shinto wedding.  I honestly cannot think of a more generous and loving man in all of Japan.  We will be working in his Crystal Room” which holds some of the most amazing energy, as well as a collection of crystals you have never seen.  Just sitting in this room will raise your vibration to an amazing level.

Once again my reservations are being handled by Studio Kara, so if you want to join us sometime during the next two weeks, please contact them for availability in Tsurumi, Jiajokuka, Sagamihara, or Tokyo with Anemone.

Many blessing of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂

The serpent chair, so cool!


Is it a lamp?  Is it a person?  Maybe a Mermaid?