Okinawa is a world apart

I don’t know if you realize this, but to the Japanese people Okinawa is kind of like Hawaii to those from the mainland USA.  It is a lush tropical paradise which, like Hawaii, shares so much of it’s culture with China, Korea and the Japanese mainland.  And the sacred sites, wow!  On one of my excursions this past week we visit Sefa Utaki.  It is an attraction of its own.  The original Okinawa religion is much like Shintoism.  They revered  all forms of nature.  It is said that if you stand in this rock formation and see a blue light over you, you have been touched by God.  Of course I had to try it and see for myself, and yes, I am happy to report there was a very clear blue orb over my head.  It might have been Ashtar showing his colors too.  By the time you get to see this I will be in Kumamoto.  Should you happen to find yourself on Okinawa, take the time to visit some the the many incredible spiritual sites, you will thank yourself.