Osaka in the Spring

If you look around the internet, it won’t take you long to find images of Cherry Blossoms popping out all over Japan.  Each photo is more beautiful than the last one, and believe me, being surrounded by the Sakura touches something deep within my soul.  Maybe it is a past life thing.  What has caught my eye lately is how the Japanese themselves get so excited about this special time of year.  In America we have organized tours of the fall foliage, which is not so different than the Japanese tours of blooming cherry trees, but what is different is that here, people go out at night to have parties and celebrate the blossoms.  In the darkness the Sakura have an other-worldly feel.

Whole families and groups of friends put together elaborate picnic style meals, load-up their own lighting, and take in this ancient spring ritual.  Today I am sharing some photos I took last night of just such gatherings here in Osaka.

Thank you for sharing in my love for these heart-centered gatherings.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂