Out and about with Terrie

The first stop on our excursion this week was at Nachi Taisha Shrine, part of the pilgrimage trail I wrote about in my last blog.  We are traveling by bus this time, and it is so much fun!  As we travel Ashtar comes through to teach.  I know our guests love it and our. interpreter, Yuka-san, is up for the job.  She’s amazing, she has to interoret and ride along while Ashtar travels through the bus at the same time.  It’s an amazing journey. 

The first picture is me with Yukari Kojima, owner of Studio Kara in front of our bus.  Next is our group of happy wanderers.

Our lunch stop included some VERY fresh sushi, do you see the size of that tuna?  Wow!

The pathway to the shrines includes some serious climbing, here I am at the first of what seemed like a hundred sets of stairs, but every step was worth it!  At the top of these stairs was a Shrine, it was magnificent.  Along the path we found Maitreya, or Happy Buddha, he brings us the message of abundance and a smile to my face, how about you?

Next up was a pathway right out of a fairytale.  I was enchanted by these walking stones, even walking on them felt like walking through a dream.  And then we reached the goal, a beautiful 436 foot waterfall considered to be the largest in Japan deep in the forest.  

As you might expect, after a day of travel climbing, walking and enchantment, I am ready for bed.  The final photo is the view from my room as darkness falls on this perfect day.

Our journey continues tomorrow as we head to three other shrines here on the Kumano trial.   

Good night to all!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,

Terrie 🙂