Peace in the Community

Peace in the Community is the second intention of December, 2023.

The December Intentions

This month all of Ashtar’s intentions revolve around peace.  Quite fitting, I think, in that Decembers big holiday centers on an individual whose primary message was peace.  I can’t help but wonder if Ashtar and Sananda might have had a little meeting about this.  Both are Ascended Masters, as you know.  Can you imagine what that meeting might have looked like?  I would love to have been in that room.

Last week I floated an idea that we band together in an effort to bring about World Peace.  The first step would be listening to each other.  So many times we are not listening to each other to understand, rather, we are simply waiting our turn to say what we want to say.  Obviously this is not the path to World Peace.

Peace in the Community

This idea of aligning aware people, like yourself, in a quest for a peaceful world is undertaken in small steps.  This week Ashtar reminds us of our personal power right in the place we live; our community.  Undoubtedly there are people around you everyday who have no idea that love is the most powerful element on our planet.  Help them see love in action.  Share a smile, help someone with their groceries, be kind to others as you drive.

All these are wonderful ways to not only talk about love, but to show love.  This week recognize another person.  Not just as another passer-by, but as a human being with more dimensions than we can image.  Do a kindness for a neighbor just because they are there.  Peace on Earth begins right where you are.  You are the powerful distributor of peace and love.

Lofty goals

Sure, world peace is a lofty goal.  I agree that there are some people who will not immediately understand the gift you have for them.  But remember, for those who are uncomfortable in their own being.  They have not embodied the idea of one person loving another simply because they are.  This is where your position as a teacher comes in.  This is where your expanded consciousness comes in.

I think everyone wants to feel love in their life, but they are in doubt as to what love looks like.  Show them.  Listen to them.  Leave them with a smile.  When you run into someone so resistant to peace and love, that is your teacher.  The most difficult person is your best teacher.  You don’t have to worry if they don’t get it right away, you have planted the seed.

Just as we discussed earlier this year, plant the seeds of love and peace today so they can be harvested in the future.  Peace in your community begins with you.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,