Peace on Earth

We often say Peace on Earth is the goal of our work, but what can we do as individuals to make it a reality?

The not so secret secret

How many times have we discussed how powerful we are as individuals?  I can’t even count the number of times.  It’s no secret we are powerful.  It’s also no secret that when two like-minded people join in consciousness the resulting power is not two times greater, it is exponential.  Now, if we gather all the people who follow Ashtars intentions, can you imagine what could be created?

For thousands of years Monasteries have used this principle.  What if we create a virtual monastery?

This months intentions

Each week in December Ashtar will be presenting an intention centered upon the idea of Peace on Earth.  All of the intentions are, of course, presented on an individual basis.  This is where the work begins, with each one of us.  By the time we get to the intention for the week of Christmas we will be pretty well focused on our individual power to enhance world peace.  Now, when we get to Christmas week, if we take all this individual preparation, combine our power, what might be the result?

But, you say, I am just one individual.  In this case we would no longer be one individual but a group consciousness.  This group consciousness would be united in a single cohesive thought.  A group consciousness that is multiplied countless times with actionable steps.  I think that would be very powerful.

The New Year message

For many years now Ashtar has given us a New Year Message.  This year, as my way of supporting the goal of Peace on Earth, I will be making this special message available for free.  This message will come out the week of Christmas.  What a wonderful way to share the peace consciousness with the world.  Share it with your friends, repost it on your social media, make up fliers!

Unlimited ideas

Getting everyone to see the same vision of what world peace would look like is not likely.  What we would be doing is setting a vibrational intent to begin by at least listening to each other.  The beauty of our planet is that every living soul has an impact.  That means that something like 8.1 Billion people are contributing to our group consciousness.  Admittedly, many people are unaware of their contribution.  This makes the impact of those who are aware so much more powerful.

You, my friend, are one of the aware.  Will you give some thought to joining the consciousness to at least be willing to listen to each other?  All actions are the result of thought.  We may not be able to make every soldier suddenly drop their weapons on January 1, 2024, but might we not be able to at least begin planting the seed?  I think we can.

It’s a big goal

Yes, it’s a monumental undertaking, but one worthy of doing what we can, don’t you think?

Many Blessings of Universal Love,