Prepare for the holidays

As you prepare for the holidays give love, give joy and most of all, offer compassion.

It’s the holidays, what’s to worry?

Yes, it is the biggest holiday season of the year.  In these thirty days more reasons to celebrate occur than any other thirty day period.  This is exactly why, as you prepare for the holidays it is important to be  compassionate.  Even though, as a follower of Ashtar’s teachings, you have more tools to help you along, not every one has those same tools.

Even the weather can be a factor in determining if one is joyful or sad.  If there is ever a time to reach into your bag of love, this is the time.

We forget sometimes

As we prepare for the Holidays oftentimes forget that the most important gift we can offer anyone is love.  In this weeks video intention Ashtar is calling upon us be aware that we have a gift that fit all sizes; compassion.  These holidays bring up memories by the bucket-full.  Some of those memories are filled with love and at the same time they are filled with sadness.  By realizing not everyone can pick and choose which side of this coin they will select, we can be compassionate.  Want to give something special to someone else?  Give a few moments of your time to listen.

The intention for this week;

The video below is Ashtar’s gift to you.  A reminder that as you prepare for the holidays be aware of what you see around you.  Offer support to someone who can use a kind word or just an ear.

New Year Message

Wednesday December 28 at 6:00PM pacific time Ashtar will be bringing his message for the year 2023.  If you are available to join us live in Fallbrook, CA for the 6:00-9:00 session we would love to have you come along.  If you cannot join us live, join us on Zoom!  Both options are available in the store.  We would love to see you there!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,