Principle of Gratitude

The Spiritual Principle of Gratitude is a frequent topic in Ashtar’s talks, but why?

Gratitude opens so many doors

Simply recognizing there is good in your life opens the doors to ever more good.  No matter how small that good may be, give thanks.  Give thanks to whom?  My choice is the “All There Is”, or God.  Yes, I know the word God is one of those words which at one moment unites us while the next separates us, so please,  use the word which feels best to you.

Feeling as though we are alone on this earthly experience seems to me to be the most frightening feeling possible.  When we open our consciousness to the truth we are not alone here. Remind ourselves we are part of something much more grand, life takes on a substantial  meaning.

It seems easier to recall the things we don’t feel went well than to remember things that did go well.  This is because so many wonderful things happen to us each and every day, it becomes a background noise.  Whereas when one not so wonderful thing happens, it stands out.  The problem with this is, how do we know what was good and what was bad?  As Ashtar discusses in this video;  often the things with which we are less than satisfied offer us the greatest gifts.

Is it your intent to go through your day dissatisfied or happy?  OK, that was a trick question.  Of course we want to be happy.  The quickest pathway to happiness is recognizing all the good things which happen to us.  The pay raise at work is easy, but what about when the ATM malfunctions and we can’t get cash?  This too could have been something working in your favor.  We don’t have to know why or how.  At the very least we can be grateful for having access to an ATM.

Be aware of your thoughts

Setting ourselves up to look at the gifts all around us is the goal.  The Spiritual Principle of Gratitude is that we look at things from the Universal View.  When we are stuck in the personal view our lives seem to wander along willy-nilly.  On the Universal Level we are all on our Spiritual Journeys to the top of the hill.

Ashtar session alert

Valentines Day 2024 will bring the return of a live session with Ashtar: Guides, Guardians and Messages of Love.  The in-person option has been sold out but you can still join us on Zoom;  6-9PM Wednesday evening Pacific time.  Ashtar and I would love to have you be part of this session of love.  Here is the link to reserve your seat:


Many Blessings of Universal Love,