Prism Children

This week I was honored to be part of an on-line conference wherein Ashtar said, “The Secret Is Revealed!  What secret is that?  The secret is there is a new crop of souls arriving on Earth right now.   They are to be called PRISM CHILDREN.

What does this mean?

What are Prism Children?  Prism Children are the successors to the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children of the past few decades.  This announcement by Ashtar is the first recorded mention of Prism Children, and  you are on the leading edge of this information.  The ascension of planet earth cannot be completed by those of us who are rooted in the past, this falls to newer generations.  However, none of these steps has been accomplished in a vacuum.  It has taken the devotion, dedication and determination of each preceding generation, people like you, to support each step of ascension.

Characteristics of the Prisms

Just as the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbows had characteristics attributed to them, so do the Prisms.  What  they will teach is what I refer to as “The Loop.”  Love, Originality, Oneness and Peace.   I think we can all appreciate how important these attributes will be to our planet.

Getting to know them

Ashtar has identified ten specific traits which set Prism children apart from prior generations.  These traits will be the subject of a very special Ashtar Zoom session.   Sunday evening January 30 from 6-9pm.  Now that the secret is revealed you will want to be on the leading edge of understanding the newest generation.

Invite your friends

Getting to know who the Prism Children are applies not only to Ashtar friends, but people in Education, Parents and Grandparents. Literally anyone who has committed their lives to children.  Please join us as we learn about the Prism Generation.

As always you can reserve your spot for this one of a kind program on my website.  Ashtar will tell us about what this will mean to Planet Earth as well as how we can awaken the same energy within ourselves after which there will be Q&A.

Tickets are $50.00 through the on-line store at  See you there!

Many Blessings of Universal Love,