Prism Children

On Sunday January 30, 2022 Ashtar introduced the Prism Children to the world.  This was one of our monthly Zoom sessions which have, for a little while longer, replaced our regular in-person sessions.

Who are the Prism Children

The Prism Children are the successors to Crystal, Indigo, Rainbow and Star Seed Children.  All these other souls are still joining us, and some Prism Children have already come to earth, but 1/1/22 marks their official entrance.  They have an inner prism which they can focus to bring the most effective vibration to a situation.  Light is, of course, a visible vibrational manifestation which affects us as clearly as the spoken word.  Sometimes even more effectively.

Will they need special treatment?

Prism Children come to earth as awakened beings.  Some are even ascended!  They will absorb information, as Ashtar says, “Like a sponge.”  However they may have difficulty learning in the “Industrial System” of schooling as we know it.

Every child thrives when they are given love.  The challenge for us will be to recognize how best to show them love.  With their high energy levels and thirst for learning they may out-strip our familiar ways of seeing progress.  This will demand of us to release our preconceived notions surrounding communication with them.  When in doubt, love is always the answer.  Love for the Prism Children, love for ourselves.

Learning more about Prism Children

Following the amazing Zoom session we held with Ashtar in January, we sat down with him to get a concise rundown on these beautiful souls who are now joining us.  The video that goes with this blog contains a link to YouTube where you can watch a very special nine minute show I am certain you will enjoy watching.

What’s next?

At the end of February we will be hosting another Ashtar Zoom session that will be one of our very popular “Guides and Guardians” events.  You will be get a personal message from Ashtar, a group message and of course ask your own questions.  You may even choose to ask about the Prism Children!  Stay tuned for the announcement of the next Ashtar Zoom and join us.  Who knows what you will learn.

Many Blessings of Universal Love,